An Introduction

Veronica Mars was a TV series created by Rob Thomas. The series ran on UPN/CW Network from September 22, 2004 till May 22, 2007. Set in the fictional town of Neptune, the series stars Kristen Bell as Veronica, a girl who was not only a student but private detective working for her father. During the show Veronica solves a different case each week while continually trying to solve a season-long mystery.

The Neptune Register Newspapers

Neptune Register newspapers used by Veronica (Kristen Bell) when she was looking for her fathers divorce ad during the first season episode "M. A. D." The newspapers are "The San Diego Union-Tribune" dated March 3, 2005 the cover page had been covered with a "The Neptune Register" cover dated April 25, 2005 an inner ad section has also been covered with the Neptune ads.

Meg Manning's Cheerleading Jacket

Neptune Pirates jacket worn by Meg Manning (Alona Tal) during the first season episodes "Rusky Business" & "A Trip To The Dentist". The jacket was made by the Realitee Clothing Company.